About Sarah



A Recipe for Sarah’s Work

Mix together

2 oz    Listening for direction

1 oz    Writing the story on her heart

1 oz    Sketching out the visual in her head

3 oz    Executing in her medium of choice

Dash   Color

Pour into a shaker, over fire that ignites her soul.

Mix until well blended.

Serve on a canvas du jour.

Garnish with a side of poetry or prose (optional).


“My goal as an artist is to communicate through my work in a way that leaves the viewer wanting to know, ‘What fuels her life?’”

Expressing herself through fine art and creative endeavors has been a part of Sarah's life since childhood—leading her as an adult to first to pursue a BFA in fashion design followed by a brief career as a children’s dress designer and production manager. Yet, Sarah found her analytical side beckoning, so she earned an MBA and then focused her professional efforts on marketing communications for over 15 years. Working with several non-profit organizations in Boston revealed to Sarah how she could share stories through visual art. Thus, she began in earnest her journey out of corporate storytelling and into art as a career.

Although Sarah now enjoys living in the Denver area, her South Texas roots and Czech heritage are still evident in the style of some of her work. In other pieces including fine art painting, decorative art and illustation art, Sarah’s looser painting style is influenced by her first love—watercolor painting, which she first developed as a teenager studying art in San Antonio. During the 17 years Sarah lived in Dallas, she also learned to work in underglazes on ceramics and to weld, both skills which continue to foster her creativity and art.


MBA, Southern Methodist University

BFA, University of North Texas

Exhibited Works:

Juried members show, Fall 2004
Newburyport Art Association, Newburyport, MA

Juried show, December 2000
Lynn Arts, Inc., Lynn, MA