Mexi-Czech Paintings



Mix the Mexican cultural influence of my South Texas upbringing with my Czech heritage, love of quilts and needlework, and the importance of family and community in my life andůmy Mexi-Czech style evolved as a way in which I could share my own story by my choice of painting style.

I have learned how much fuller my life is when I cross cultural barriers of heritage, race, geography, socioeconomic status, education, age, and beliefs to get to know others; yet living within a community with a common purpose and/or beliefs is where we are able to live most passionately.

Because a quilting bee reflects this tradition of a community coming together to share life (whether a family, extended family or an extended community), I have chosen to incorporate references to quilts in my work. For information regarding original works or about commissioning a piece, please contact me.


Floral Nature Sea Themes
Cuisine Architecture Abstract